Tiny Ninjas Program (Ages 3-4)

Our Tiny Ninjas program is a great educational way to prepare your child for life and the educational journey that lies ahead. This program carries all of the same life valuable skills as our regular little ninja class but this specialty program is only for children from the ages of three to four years of age. Every class your child will be taught one life skill that gives them the ability to listen, focus, and use control while at home and while attending school. Teaching our children these important life skills at such a young age gives them a huge advantage with school and with life in general. While school teaches the basics such as math, science, English, and reading we teach the other side of education.

For example, how to focus, what discipline is, how to stay in control of yourself, and how to work together as a team. Your child will quickly start to understand that if they work hard at something and make good choices that they will be rewarded. This simple understanding at such a young age helps them grow mentally at an accelerated rate. Feel free to contact us for your introductory package consisting of a tour, private lesson for your child, and an interview to discuss any specific goals you may have for your child.

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