Check out our events for October!

On October 17th at 10:00AM Cosens Martial Arts will be hosting a Break-A-Thon! Our community of martial artists will be working together to raise money for less fortunate kids who would not otherwise be able to participate in martial arts. 100% of all proceeds go to less fortunate children.

How it all works:

1. Pick up a sponsorship form at the front desk
2. Students will collect sponsorship money of $5 per board
3. Day of the event the student will turn in the sponsorship form with donations.
4. Students will get to break 1 board for every $5 raised with their favorite martial arts techniques!

If you’d like to sponsor a child you can purchase $5 boards online here: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–iXPhc

Your child will enjoy a Monster Mash Halloween Party with their martial arts buddies while you enjoy a night to yourself. Drop your child off to us at 6:30PM. There will be Halloween themed games, a martial arts class, and a pizza party! Only $20! Sign up today! Space is limited. Enroll at the front desk or https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–iXPbg

Order your very own customized Cosens Martial Arts car decal today! Order forms are available at the front desk and due by October 29th.

Order your pair of our unique Cosens Martial Arts Thai Shorts today! Order forms are available at the front desk and due by October 29th.
During the week of October 26th – October 29th all youth students may wear their Halloween costumes to class!