November Events

Hi-Yah! ???? Turn your child into a Little Ninja this Saturday, November 5th, at our FREE Karate Beginner Workshop in Midland! Ages 3-12 welcome!

In this free community event, we will demonstrate how martial arts improves concentration, focus, self-esteem, and more. Learn how we use real-world life skills to improve your child’s mind and body. Ages 3-4 begin at 10:00am, ages 5-12 begin at 11:15am. This event will be held on November 5th at our studio in Midland. 

Space is extremely limited!

Sign up here:–bJgwhi

Your child will enjoy a Nerf battle with their martial arts buddies! The event will go from 6:30PM – 9:30PM. There will be a Nerf battle, a martial arts class, and a pizza party! This event will take place Friday, November 11th, at our Midland location. The cost is $30 per child. Space is limited!

Sign up here:–bJPJcc

Parents, come train with your child, learn how to properly hold pads, and help improve your child’s martial arts technique! This class is completely free to parents! The class will take place on November 12th at 10:00AM. This event will take place at our Midland studio.

Your child and their buddies will have a blast as they learn some cool martial arts moves and then learn how to break a real board! This event will take place on Saturday, November 12th at 11:15AM. This event will feature…Killer Karate Moves, Crazy Martial Arts Games, Board Breaking, Pizza, and Refreshments!