Check out our events for September!



Your child will enjoy a Nerf battle with their martial arts buddies while you enjoy a night to
yourself. There will also be games, a martial arts class, and a pizza party! Only $25! Sign up
today! Space is limited. Enroll at the front desk or https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PXPXw

On September 14th, beginning at 10:00AM we will be hosting an open house completely free to the community. Any potential new students may attend this event completely free of charge. We are hosting the following seminars: Tiny Ninjas (Ages 3-4 only) at 10:00AM, Karate For Concentration Workshop (Ages 5 – 12) at 11:30AM, Mixed Martial Arts Workshop (All teens and adults) beginning at 12:45PM, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Workshop (All teens and adults) beginning at 1:45PM. If you are interested in attending any of these workshops, please register here: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?FE–PXPgc

Youth Testing will take place during regular class times on September 25th and September 26th. Adult testing will take place on September 28th. MMA Testing begins at 10:00AM and Jiu Jitsu begins at 11:00AM. Registration is $40. Please register here: https://member-site.net/VIP/default.aspx?EV–PXPXg

Beginning September 30th, we will be switching from Nun Chucks to Kali Sticks. We switch weapons once every 3 months. If you do not have a Kali Stick you may purchase on at the front desk.